Social Media AmbassadorsSocial media is a powerful marketing medium that seems to have been tailor made to address the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. Social networks offer a free channel through which passionate ambassadors can share your message with their digital networks, saving your organization time and money, while creating credibility and giving your organization more exposure.

As part of their 2014 Giving Day campaign, Columbia University introduced the Columbia Giving Day Advocates program. The program allowed representatives from each school and program to promote the day on social networks in order to earn early, pre-event matching funds. The five schools or programs that had the most Advocates won their share of $26,000. This campaign component successfully leveraged social engagement, undoubtedly contributing to their record-breaking success, raising over $11.1 million in the third year of the event.

Why should your organization leverage the power of social ambassadors? Read “4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media Ambassadors” by our partners at Social Factor to learn more about activating your network of supporters.

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