Social Media StorytellingWhile there are more channels than ever before to reach your supporters, all of the “noise” makes it more difficult to really reach them. Science proves that storytelling stimulates emotions, a key to better learning, attention, memory and decision-making. In turn, these emotions inspire and mobilize people to donate, volunteer and participate in crowdfunding and other events, as well as share your story with their networks.

Social media stories enable both you and your supporters to freely and quickly share your cause across channels and continents, creating credibility and giving your organization more exposure. Like any other marketing and fundraising discipline, social media storytelling is both science and art. Using examples of successful social campaigns from Houston Grand Opera, Intrepid Fallen Heroes and, Rachel Lewis Biggs, Director of Digital Strategy, from Kimbia partner Social Factor, will teach you how to:

  1. Select the best story based on 5 key principles
  2. Script the most compelling story
  3. Choose the most appropriate mediums/channels
  4. Show you best-practice nonprofit storytelling examples
  5. Measure your success

*Please note that the introduction to the webinar was not recorded, but rest assured you did not miss any content.

Social Media Storytelling 4 Key Steps to Engage Supporters 3-26-15 1.04 PM from Kimbia, Inc. on Vimeo.

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