Kimbia’s Lori Finch Interviewed on CrowdFundBeat

CrowdFundBeat, the leading e-publication on the emerging crowdfunding industry, recently interviewed Lori Finch, Kimbia’s Vice President for Community Foundations, on a Google Hangout On Air session.

The success of the Kimbia-powered 2013 North Texas Giving Day, organized by the Communities Foundation of Texas and DonorBridge – which broke the record for any single Giving Day to date – caught the attention of CrowdFundBeat contributing editor Devin Thorpe.

The Communities Foundation of Texas’ recent success was enabled in part by capabilities unique to Kimbia, for example not marketing third party nonprofits to your donors, maintaining your brand identity and the availability of donation forms targeted to each nonprofit.

The interview is now available for viewing in this 12-minute video recording.

Thorpe and Finch discussed:

  • The Communities Foundation of Texas’s record-breaking $25 million 2013 North Texas Giving Day which outpaced their 2012 results by $10.8 million
  • How smaller nonprofits, who normally fly beneath the radar, benefit from funding by their local community foundations during Giving Days
  • The May 6, 2014 Give Local America nationwide Giving Day,
  • How Kimbia enables nonprofits and community foundations to implement innovative online fundraising initiatives

Watch the video here:

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