Valentine’s day came and went, and while you pondered what box of chocolates to buy your significant other, or where you would host your galentine’s party, it’s important not to forget to show a little love to your donors too!

We already know the basics of how to romance donors year round – emailing them with your latest news, inviting them to participate in fun events, thanking them when they contribute to your cause and engaging with them on social media.

But what about when they actually go on your website to fill out a form, register for an event, or make a donation? Today’s users have quickly learned to expect the “amazon experience” wherever they go on the Internet, so the important thing to ask yourself is, “Does my website offer an easy, seamless experience so those who visit can quickly take action?”

Showing donors you care by improving the way they can interact with you digitally may be one of the best (and most overlooked) ways to give ‘em some love. After all, you want to make their lives as easy as possible! Here are some ways you can improve your nonprofit’s user experience:

Get Accessible, Get Mobile – Make your website and donation pages mobile-friendly if they aren’t already, so your donors have you to turn to if they get stood up by a less technologically-inclined organization. For more senior donors or those who have disabilities, accessibility is key in proving you’re willing to go the extra mile to win their hearts.

Make it Easy  – This is particularly important if you’re running a Peer-to-Peer campaign. Your donors may love you, but making them jump through hoops of fire won’t do you any favors. Registration forms should be quick, easy to fill out and offer the flexibility of personalization for advocates looking to get more involved. The end result will have them all starry-eyed over fundraising for your organization.

Remember Them! – You can use ‘simple payment’ forms that store your donors’ information so that the next time they come back to donate, the form is already prefilled! All they need to do is input a zip code and/or a card security number and voila! Donation made. You may have learned that hard to get is the way to go, but in the donations game being difficult will only leave you picking up the pieces of your broken fundraising heart.

Implementing these three features into your organization’s’ digital environment will work wonders for your relationships with your donors.


If reading this made you realize you need to rekindle the technology flame, Kimbia can help you! Contact us today, and we’ll have you speaking with one of our donor love doctors (aka account executives) to figure out the right solution for you!


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